Thursday, July 19, 2012

Cleaning the Pins

While still working on the whole tuning part of being a piano technician, I received in the mail Travis Coil and Pin Cleaner. So with the best of intentions I started today cleaning the pins in the bottom of the treble section.

The kit comes with no instructions but after a few tries I think I got the hang of it. Each one of the little rubber guys loses it's usefulness after about 10-15 pins I've found. I also found out that if you put a piece of electrical tape around the bottom of the rubber bit, it stays in the chuck adapter better.

It makes a heck of a mess so keep plenty of paper towels around. I also put the brush adapter on the vacuum and keep that handy and brush off every few pegs. It's working ok, not perfect but certainly taking the rust off of it. The picture I took of the two sides shows completed ones on the left and rusty ones on the left. If I get more ambitious I'll take a video with some instructions from my trials.

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