Sunday, July 8, 2012

Pianos, Blogs, Etc.

To whom it may concern/interest,

I've purchased a piano. I've also started a blog. Before today, I've had blogs and I've had a weighted keyboard but both of these things are different. In this entry I'll go over why exactly I bought a piano, why I'm starting the blog and the history of this piano.

I've decided to take up piano tuning, I have a lot to learn and I'm not sure if I'll even like it. I've always been interested in pianos and mechanical things. For some reason up until this point, I haven't put the two things together. Beyond the actual tuning of a piano, I am very interested in the restoration of pianos. What you can't see in this picture all to well is the condition of the piano, I will go into that in more detail later. Overall it is in pretty good condition, rough on the outside but the mechanics are in good shape.

Now as to why the blog. I've blogged before mostly on personal stuff, but I thought it would be neat to chronicle the "restoration" of the piano. It won't be anything tremendous but cleaning the keys, cleaning the case, cleaning some surface rust off of the tuning pins and some other things. I will document these so that others might see what worked and what didn't.

The piano, which my wife and I have named "Maybel", is originally from a Pittsburgh area school. A couple with 2 children from Brentwood acquired it and since November of last year it was sitting on their front porch. Luckily the winter was a mild one. You might be able to note in the picture that the front board under the keys is much lighter. This piece has been replaced by the previous owner.

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