Monday, July 23, 2012

The Piano I Learned to Play On

I spent some time this weekend with the piano that I learned to play on at home in Mechanicsburgh, PA. The piano was an old spinet, Wurlitzer spinet make.

I learned a few things. First off was how to take the music desk and key cover off of the piano. This was done by taking a few screws out. I then got to see the drop action of a spinet. After inspecting and cleaning out with a vacuum I started to attempt a temperament.

I got decent results, but wanted to focus more on fixing the unisons that were really off. I ended up spending about an hour just working through different things and afterwards it sounded nice. I still have a bit to do when it comes to the tempering but it was nice to get the piano sounding better considering it hadn't been tuned in over 10 years.

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