Monday, July 9, 2012

Tools of the Trade

So I got my tools in the mail. It feels kind of old school getting a set of tools like this in the mail, it would've been more old school if they would've come from a paper catalogue, but anywho.

Just a quick aside, I doctored the photo up with instagram. I'm going to try to keep this blog looking sweet old school (although I know everything is being "Instagrammed" right now).

Anywho, the tools! Got me a nice Shaff extending hammer, pretty good weight at that. Got a variety of rubber mutes. Set came with an A440 tuning fork, orderd a C523.3 as well, it really rings. In the very top left corner of the photo you can see some red felt, thats the Temperament strip. Looking forward to trying that out. Also got a Paps Mute we'll see what that does but I've seen a lot of people using them and they looked cool. Last but not least they threw in a canvas baggy thing. I will probably take a video tonight or tomorrow night of the current state of the piano before I get to far into trying to tune Maybel.

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